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NetSpend/TSYS to present at the MDM & Data Governance Summit San Francisco 2017

We are pleased to announce that Dipen Shah, Director for Financial Systems, and David Cuellar, MDM Solution Architect at NetSpend/TSYS will present at the upcoming MDM & Data Governance Summit San Francisco on Thursday, July 13, 2017.

CASE STUDY: Governing Digital Assets via PRODUCT Master for Financial Services

Netspend is a leading provider of Visa® Prepaid debit cards, Prepaid Debit Mastercard® cards, and commercial prepaid card solutions in the U.S. and serves the estimated 68 million…

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TechnipFMC: Comparing past and present to identify critical success factors

At the most recent Gartner MDM show in Grapevine Texas, TechnipFMC presented a retrospective of their master data management program.  It’s a successful program. TechnipFMC masters over twenty eight different domains, supports thirty nine different enterprise applications, and supports one hundred ninety eight operating centers worldwide with their MDM program. (For those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend Gartner,  Mr. Billy will be presenting his talk again in an upcoming webinar on…

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Six years on, how is TechnipFMC’s MDM program going?

[UPDATE] Register to our webinar with TechnipFMC on April 25, 2017 at 10AM to see the presentation live.

At the recent Gartner DA show in Grapevine, TX (March 6-9, 2017)  we were lucky to host Bruno Billy, Group MDM Manager at TechnipFMC.
Bruno delivered a retrospective detailing the past six years of achievements and lessons learned from driving an enterprise-wide multidomain master data management program that spans forty-eight countries.
What’s unique about TechnipFMC is that this is a…

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SwissRe to present at Gartner Data & Analytics 2017 in London, UK

We are pleased to announce that Bianca Scheffler, Head Info Life-Cycle & Context Mgt., Director, Information Technology at SwissRe will present at the upcoming Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in London, UK on March 21, 2017.

Evolution of Context and Master Data Management

The evolution is covered by the organizational establishment of a data management ecosystem and resulted in a journey of identifying and implementation of toolset to enable a risk knowledge company in their IT and business…

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TechnipFMC to present at Gartner Data & Analytics Summit 2017 in Dallas, TX

We are pleased to announce that Bruno Billy, MDM Manager, TechnipFMC will present at the upcoming Gartner Data & Analytics Summit in Dallas, TX on March 8, 2017.

TechnipFMC’s Perspectives from a Multi-Year Journey in Enterprise Multidomain MDM

While the initial scope was to deliver consistent project reporting, today MDM at TechnipFMC is company-wide. Where is the program today? How did analytics & operations improve? Is data seen as an asset? In this session Bruno Billy, MDM Manager at…
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Announcing our 2016 Customer Advisory Board meetings

Every year Orchestra Networks organizes Customer Advisory Board (CAB) meetings. 

While our team meets with customers throughout the year, the CAB is one of the formal methods that we use to receive advice and feedback from our customers.   The CAB is also an opportunity for us to formally communicate on product strategy and roadmap.

This year, to provide better coverage for our expanding customer base, we have grown from two sessions to three.  Our customers have graciously offered to...

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Panera Bread to present at the MDM & Data Governance Summit 2016 in New York

We are pleased to announce that Eric Keeney, IT Director, Menu Management, Panera Bread and Steve Wehrell, Project Manager, Café Data Systems (CDS), Panera Bread will present at the upcoming MDM & Data Governance Summit New York on November 9, 2016.

Case study: Improving time to market for a new product introduction process leveraging collaborative MDM

Panera Bread Company (Panera) is a food service provider. Panera is a national bakery-cafe concept with approximately 1,970...

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NetSpend/TSYS on supporting a high volume business with a multidomain/multi-context/ multi-style master data management solution

Last week (June 8, 2016) Dipen Shah, Director of Financial Systems, from NetSpend delivered an amazing case study on netSpend’s multidomain program at the MDM & Data Governance Summit in San Francisco.

For those of you who don’t know, NetSpend is one of the largest issuers of reloadable, prepaid debit cards in the US. If you have a Western Union, Paypal, or Intuit/Turbo Tax prepaid card, you have a NetSpend product.  Currently owned by TSYS, one of the largest financial transaction...

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Advice from the Carlyle Group on implementing integrated data governance

Last week (June 9, 2016) Edie Ashton, Principal for Global Technology & Solutions, and Danielle Cuteri, Associate Vice President for Fund Management, from the The Carlyle Group delivered the data governance keynote address at the MDM & Data Governance Summit in San Francisco.

Completely packed room of DG, MDM, and RDM professionals waiting for the keynote to begin

Mss. Ashton and Cuteri distilled the Carlyle Group’s experience into a comprehensive case study on implementing a unified...

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Interview with eSanté Luxembourg: Healthcare Terminology Server with EBX5

We got a chance to catch up with the team at eSanté Luxembourg to discuss their healthcare Terminology Server project.

Question: could you tell us a little about eSanté?

Agence eSanté is Luxembourg’s national agency for the exchange and sharing of health information. It was established to enhance the patient’s care coordination, promote interoperability and define a national platform of eHealth services, including an Electronic Health Record named “Dossier de Soins Partagé”...

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