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Do you need to accelerate your GDPR compliance project?

Did you know that the EU General Data Protection Regulation covers residents of Europe?

Yesterday (13 Sept 2017) Jan Maarten Willems, Managing Partner, Inpuls, and Léa Doré, Pre-Sales Consultant, Orchestra Networks, gave a great talk on the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Included in the webinar was a demonstration of the new GDPR Accelerator from Inpuls and Orchestra Networks. This accelerator can jump start any organization’s compliance program.

Click here to watch a replay

On the webinar, Jan Maarten’s comments about the scope of GDPR were interesting - especially in light of the recent data breach at Equifax.  While Equifax reported that the breach was constrained to (mostly) US citizen data, it is very likely that some of those records are related to US citizens that currently reside in Europe. Or, in short, would have GDPR been in place, the regulation would apply to Equifax even though the content is mostly US citizen information. The big take away? There may be many more organizations that are subject to GDPR but don't realize it .... yet.

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