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Data Management at Acolyance

Acolyance: Applying MDM to Drive ERP Success & ROI

Acolyance (€522M+revenues) is a leading French agriculture and wine cooperative serving a network of 3,500 agriculture members and 7,000 wine producers. Management is very focused on innovation and is preparing a large-scale transformation for 2014 wherein ERP will be deployed to support most of business processes (finance, accounting, harvest, retailing, procurement, sales, …). Unlike traditional viewpoints with ERP systems as the solution to manage all master data within their perimeter because they were intended to be *the* company core system, Acolyance has decided to make its master data program a prerequisite of its ERP implementation. By having an MDM approach synchronized with the ERP strategy, Acolyance is convinced that ERP will be able to concentrate on its core business processes and to deliver quicker and better. Additionally, MDM enlarges the ERP scope by facilitating collaboration with trading partners.

Leading Agricultural Cooperative, Acolyance, Selects Orchestra Networks’ EBX5 Software to Improve Quality and Governance of Master Data

Orchestra Networks, a leading multidomain Master and Reference Data Management (MDM/RDM) solution provider, today announced that Acolyance, a leading agriculture and wine cooperative in France, has selected EBX. Acolyance, with revenues of over €522M, processes more than 1.5 million tons of agricultural products annually, and serves a network of 3,500 agriculture members and 7,000 wine producers.