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The MDM strategy and vision are in hand. Executive sponsors, steering committees and budgets have been assigned. And the most important issues–governance, workflow, and organizational responsibilities and accountabilities–have been sorted out. The team is looking forward to selecting the technology so they can begin implementation and production where they’ll finally generate organizational value. Then comes the rude awakening. It’s virtually impossible to compare the available technologies.

MDM vendors have all kinds of different product packages, philosophies, implementation styles, deployment and pricing models, and feature-function matrices. These differences make it tough to determine if a vendor is suitable for your use case. Does selecting a master data management solution have to be so confusing? We don’t think so.

The purpose of this page is to take you through several key questions that will help you determine if our EBX software is a good candidate for your evaluation.

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The Information Difference has been tracking the Master Data Management (MDM) market since 2007. One of the assets it has built up to analyze the market is an in-depth functional product analysis. This is a detailed assessment against 200 functional checkpoints relevant to MDM technology buyers.

The MDM Select is available as a service for end users who need to evaluate the market against their own criteria and define a vendor short list. Learn more.