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Manage, govern and distribute your Sales & Marketing master data
As companies compete to acquire and retain customers in today’s challenging economy, a single point of management for all Sales & Marketing master data is critical. Accurate product catalogs, services and pricing; up-to-date locations and Point of Sale information; and channel synchronization--each are key to a successful Sales and Marketing organization.
With the increased complexity of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), product configuration, sales channels, and compliance processes across the enterprise, the benefits of establishing true governance over shared data are significant. Shared data enables faster product introductions, allows companies to adapt to constant market and channel changes, ensures accurate sales reports, and ultimately increases revenues and profitability.

Customer cases

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Taming the Raving Rabbids: The Ubisoft MDM Journey

Ubisoft, a leading global video game publisher and developer, tamed the Rabbids by deploying an MDM program for video game projects, products and contracts, which is shared worldwide by business users and applications.

Featured Speaker
Les Fondy Vice President Information Technology, Ubisoft
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MDM for projects, products and contracts at Ubisoft
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Vaasan Product Master Data Consolidation

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